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venetian blinds are the still the most popular among all blinds

Venetian blinds have been widely used in the United States mostly in the office buildings during the late 19th century and early 20th century. These types of blinds became increasingly popular because of their ability to regulate both light and air. In fact the entire Empire State building which was built in those times was fitted with Venetian blinds which speaks of the magnitude of their popularity and functional relevance.

Venetian blinds can be both horizontal and vertical in composition determined by the manner in which the slats are fixed to the top rail which holds the entire set of slats that are suspended from it. Venetian blinds are mostly made of wood, metal and plastic. The slats are narrow strips of this material which are suspended by either tapes made of cloth or by cords. Through a simple mechanism all of these slats which are linked to each other can be rotated in such a way that either they can form a flat shield to prevent light or air or depending on the degree of rotation leave out a desirable gap between each of them for the light or air to pass through.

Horizontal Venetian blinds are best suited for rooms where privacy has to be ensured without having to prevent light or air to be completely screened. The angle at which the blinds can be rotated is the greatest functional advantage that Venetian blinds hold. They are also employed at areas where there is greater chance of exposure to moisture or even direct contact with water like bathrooms and kitchens.