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Venetian blinds to beautify your windows

Created around the 18th century, in Venice, venetian blinds are still considered to be the original blinds to diffuse light and shadow into the room.

Venetian blinds are created by arranging long and horizontal strips of blinds in a row and connecting them with a string. A tug at the string can either make them parallel to each other to give access to light, or can turn them down flat to seal light off.

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Venetian blinds with narrow slats are also known as mini blinds. They are more closely arranged and shut out more light.

Venetian blinds are popular because of their flexible arrangement which can provide a full or partial view. It is a great way to block light out and secure privacy.

Venetian blinds are relatively less expensive when compared to solid blinds and is an economical way to decorate the windows. Most of the modern venetian blinds come in metal or vinyl.

Venetian blinds can beautify your home and retain the glaze with just a little care from you. Wipe it once a week lightly with the help of a feather duster to keep it clean and attractive. However, depending on the dust and grime accumulation, it is a good idea to clean them once or twice a year by soaking and cleaning them with mild detergent.

Venetian blinds come in different shades and designs to suit your style.