Image Blinds Direct

With the venetian blinds from image blinds direct make your room look alive

Placing curtains over the windows have gone out of fashion these days. Almost all households, organizations and other places prefer to put venetian blinds over their windows rather than curtains. Blinds are also one form of a curtain. Image blinds direct is an online selling tool of Image blinds private limited. With this online service, one can order and fit the blinds by themselves. This helps the customer to same some money on installations. Venetian blinds are one of the varieties of blinds that is manufactured and sold by image blinds direct. The venetian blinds have slats one top of the other which are suspended by chords, with the help of which the slats can be rotated 180o.  The blinds are generally made up of plastic or a metal.

The venetian blinds manufactured in image blinds direct are made up of aluminum. The size of these blinds is 25mm. They come with the controls on the same side. They have matched colours head box and ladders. The venetian blinds are child safe. They also include mounting brackets and some simple instructions of how to fit them and the functions. The venetian blinds are available in eleven popular colours. They are, white gloss, white snow, cotton, raw silk, alabaster, magnolia, fawn, bright steel, slate, bright grey and black. One just needs to send the colour opted and the measurements and the blind are shipped to the customer.